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Many sexual perpetrators have two things in common:  they are someone that the victim and/or their family trusts and/or they are in a position of authority i.e. sports coach, religious leader, teacher, friend, parent, neighbor, etc.  Here are two examples of incidences of child sexual abuse by people families entrusted their children with.

The BIG Picture
  • Ralston House has provided 929 investigative interviews to children and youth suspected of being abused in the first 8-months of 2019. We are on target to provide 1,400 investigative interviews this year.

  • Join Ralston House at one of our upcoming events to help raise support to continue to stop the abuse and start the healing for children and youth in our communities.

October 12 - Festival of Scarecrows, Olde Town Arvada


November 21 - Echter's Girlfriends Night Out


December 10 - Colorado Gives Day

Good VIBES + BAD Vibes


Ralston House utilizes a cadre of highly trained and skilled volunteer victim advocates to provide children and their families with the support that they need while at Ralston House.  Fifteen volunteer victim advocates have provided more than 2,005 hours of victim advocacy to families and children in crisis in the first 8-months of 2019.



When a child makes an outcry of abuse and they are not believed, the ramifications are innumerable.  Watch the Netflix miniseries Unbelievable based on actual events detailing a serial rapist's rampage from Washington to Colorado and the destruction Washington detectives cause when they don't believe she has been assaulted.  


In July, Ralston House hosted its Inaugural Ralston House Dinner at the Hideaway Steakhouse in Westminster, CO.  Jenny Prince, Deputy District Attorney for the Adams County District Attorney's Office shared her support of Ralston House and the impact that our child advocacy center has on child victims of crime.  Jenny took a moment to speak with us about her work with Ralston House from the District Attorney's Office.


RH:  You mentioned at the event in July that its Ralston House can be the first setting a child or teen visits after they've disclosed they've been a victim of a crime or if they've witnessed a crime.  Why does a comfortable setting matter in setting the tone for a victim?



RH:  How closely do you work with detectives from law enforcement agencies?


GET Out + DO


Keep children safer from predators by learning how to identify perpetrator patterns, establish a culture of children-first, analyze current policies and establish new policies that keep children safer.  Call to schedule a FREE training for the staff of the youth serving organization (religious institution, school, camp, sporting team, etc.) that children are a part of by calling us at 720-898-6741 or emailing us at  


Get Involved

Attend a Ralston House fundraising or community event to help raise funds and awareness to help protect children in our communities.  Upcoming events include the Festival of ScarecrowsEchter's Girlfriends Night Out and Colorado Gives Day.  



Listen to the podcast This American Life's Ten Sessions to learn how therapy can work for those experiencing or who have experienced trauma.

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