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Pinwheel ToolKit​

Blue pinwheels are the national symbol of child abuse awareness and each April during National Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month, Ralston House “plants” blue pinwheels around the city to serve as a beacon of hope for children who have suffered abuse and to recognize that our community stands together against child abuse. 


Printed Materials

What's Included:

  • Learn What's What—Download instructions on how to plant the perfect Pinwheel Garden and make it your own!​

  • Let Them Shine—Engage customers, constituents, students or patrons by downloading and photocopying this document.  Each time you sell a pinwheel, plant the pinwheel in your garden and have the purchaser complete this form and hang it on your wall or in a common area.

  • Spread the Word—Print out and hang this small poster in your business, or at your school.  Help promote your pinwheel garden using this colorful graphic.

  • Sign Them Up—Use this form to keep track of each person who has paid for a pinwheel.  Turn this and the money collected into Ralston House at the end of April!

  • Social Media

    Tell the world why you support Ralston House and why you’re planting a Pinwheel Garden!  Help spread awareness of National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April.  Take a pinwheel selfie, show off your garden, or make your profile picture blue.


  • Utilize a few of our statistics or make the posts below, your own!

  • Be sure to tag Ralston House in your posts

  • Be sure to tag @RalstonHouse and post photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter 

  • Make sure that each of your social media posts for Ralston House also includes a "Call to Action" - See below

  • Download the Pinwheel Garden Toolkit

    Sample “Calls to Action”      

    • Donate to Ralston House, here!

    • Sponsor a Pinwheel or a Pinwheel Garden, here.

    • Invite your friends to ask, "Why do you support Ralston House?"  This gives you an opportunity to share why you are passionate about preventing child abuse!

    • Turn your profile picture blue in recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month

    • Pinwheel selfies are a fun way to recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

    • More than 80% of sexual assaults occur during one-on-one time with another adult.  Think carefully about the one-on-one time your child spends with other adults.  Ask whether adults are trained to recognize and report abuse.

    • Learn the facts and understand the risks. Realities - not trust - should influence your decisions regarding your child (

    • 1 in 5 children are sexually solicited while on the Internet.  Do you know who is talking to your kids while they’re online? 

    • Check out this video from @BlueSeatStudios.  It's a great video to show your children to teach them about #consentforkids!

    • The CDC shares that 1 in 4 children in the US will experience child maltreatment in their lifetime.  This is a devastating number.  Make a difference in the life of a child and report suspected child abuse to 1-844-CO-4-KIDS. 

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