Pinwheel ToolKit​

Blue pinwheels are the national symbol of child abuse awareness and each April during National Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month, Ralston House “plants” blue pinwheels around the city to serve as a beacon of hope for children who have suffered abuse and to recognize that our community stands together against child abuse. 


Utilize this Pinwheel Toolkit to help maximize our reach and raise awareness during National Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month.

Printed Materials

What's Included:

  • Learn What's What—Download instructions on how to plant the perfect Pinwheel Garden and make it your own!​

  • Let Them Shine—Engage customers, constituents, students or patrons by downloading and photocopying this document.  Each time you sell a pinwheel, plant the pinwheel in your garden and have the purchaser complete this form and hang it on your wall or in a common area.

  • Spread the Word—Print out and hang this small poster in your business, or at your school.  Help promote your pinwheel garden using this colorful graphic.

  • Sign Them Up—Use this form to keep track of each person who has paid for a pinwheel.  Turn this and the money collected into Ralston House at the end of April!

Social Media

Tell the world why you support Ralston House and why you’re planting a Pinwheel Garden!  Help spread awareness of National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April.  Take a pinwheel selfie, show off your garden, or make your profile picture blue.


  1. Utilize a few of our statistics or make the posts below, your own!

  2. Be sure to tag Ralston House in your posts

  3. Be sure to tag @RalstonHouse and post photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter 

  4. Make sure that each of your social media posts for Ralston House also includes a "Call to Action" - See below

Download the Pinwheel Garden Toolkit

Sample “Calls to Action”      

  • Donate to Ralston House, here!

  • Sponsor a Pinwheel or a Pinwheel Garden, here.

  • Invite your friends to ask, "Why do you support Ralston House?"  This gives you an opportunity to share why you are passionate about preventing child abuse!

  • Turn your profile picture blue in recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month

  • Pinwheel selfies are a fun way to recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Oh My! 
  • More than 80% of sexual assaults occur during one-on-one time with another adult.  Think carefully about the one-on-one time your child spends with other adults.  Ask whether adults are trained to recognize and report abuse.

  • Learn the facts and understand the risks. Realities - not trust - should influence your decisions regarding your child (

  • 1 in 5 children are sexually solicited while on the Internet.  Do you know who is talking to your kids while they’re online? 

  • Check out this video from @BlueSeatStudios.  It's a great video to show your children to teach them about #consentforkids!

  • The CDC shares that 1 in 4 children in the US will experience child maltreatment in their lifetime.  This is a devastating number.  Make a difference in the life of a child and report suspected child abuse to 1-844-CO-4-KIDS. 

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