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Ralston House is a not-for-profit agency that provides a friendly and safe place for child and teen survivors of abuse to tell their stories and begin the healing process. Founded in 1990, Ralston House receives referrals from law enforcement, social services and the district attorney's office, and works in conjunction with these entities to provide specialized forensic interviews and medical examinations.

Forensic interviews are investigative interviews conducted by specially-trained Ralston House staff.  These interviews aide law enforcement (including police and district attorneys) and human service investigators in their investigations when there is an outcry of abuse of a child.


Why Ralston House Child Advocacy Center?

  • Child Advocacy Centers ​are designed to reduce trauma to children who are suspected of being physically or sexually abused or who have witnessed a violent crime by bringing together professionals (multi-disciplinary team (MDT)—members of an investigation including human services, police and district attorneys) into one location for a single interview instead of a child be interviewed by each member of a MDT​ on different occasions; an approach that risks retraumatizing an already vulnerable child.  

What We Offer

  • We reduce the trauma experienced by children involved in sexual and physical abuse investigations or are a witness to a crime

  • Provide a safe zone to facilitate the healing process for children and families

  • Assistance to the legal system to hold offenders accountable

  • All services provided free of charge

  • Handicap accessible

  • Bilingual staff available

  • Interpreting services available

  • American Sign Language interpreters (deaf and hard of hearing clients - please use relay service or contact us via email)

  • Services are offered for youth through the age of 18

We help get to the truth when there is suspicion of:

  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional abuse

  • Sexual assault on a child

  • Witness to abuse or violence


Learn more about our programs and services.

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