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One in every 6 girls and one in every 12 boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday. Most children know their abuser – 90% of child victims are assaulted by someone they (and their families) know and trust. Reduce the risk of sexual assault/abuse by educating yourself about this topic.

Important Tips to Teach Children

Sexual predators manipulate children and work hard to make sure children do not disclose the abuse that is going on. In many cases, children do not understand that what is happening to them is wrong. You can fight back by using the following techniques.

Teach Your Children:

  • The proper names of body parts

  • The difference between secrets and surprises

  • That they (the children) are in charge of their bodies

  • What your family’s rules and boundaries are

  • Bathing suit areas - no one should touch you in those areas or take pictures of those areas and you shouldn’t touch anyone else in those areas or take pictures

  • OK vs. Not OK touches

  • How to say “No”

  • It’s OK to withdraw consent at any time

  • No matter what happened - it is not your child’s fault if an adult or an older child/teen did something to them

  • No matter how important someone is or how much everyone likes that special someone, your child can always let you know if that person violated any of your family rules or made your child feel uncomfortable

  • To keep telling until somebody listens and makes it stop

Contact Ralston House to learn more about child abuse or to have Ralston House present to your organization about ways to prevent child sexual assault/how to make your group safer for children.  

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