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Ralston House helps child victims heal from abuse.  

Ralston House Child Advocacy Center works with law enforcement, child protective services, district attorney’s offices in the 1st and 17th Judicial Districts (Jefferson, Adams, Gilpin and Broomfield counties), and the community to provide a safe place to investigate child abuse and ensure victim services for children who have been physically or sexually abused or witnessed violence.


What We Do

Ralston House is projected to do over 1,000 forensic interviews and medical exams for children and teens each year. 


Ralston House also provides education and outreach to the general public to prevent child abuse.

What We Provide

  • Education and outreach

  • Forensic interview services

  • Medical services

  • Family/victim support services

  • Prevention training

  • Multi-disciplinary case review


Para obtener más información sobre que esperar al venir a Ralston House, haga clic aquí.

Friends Forever

Click video to learn more about how Ralston House helps kids heal from abuse.

Our Services

Holding Hands

Family Victim Support Advocacy

Parents and Guardians

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Forensic Interviews

Law Enforcement and CPS

Balance Test

Medical Consultation

Children and Teens

Support The Cause

Colorado Child Abuse Hotline: 1-844-CO-4-KIDS

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