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Ralston House provides a warm atmosphere that is less intimidating than a police department.  

Our child-friendly environment enables children and teens to tell their stories without being re-traumatized in the process.  Services are available at locations in Arvada, Lakewood and Northglenn for youth through the age of 18. Accredited by the National Children's Alliance, Ralston House adheres to best practice policies and procedures to serve the best interest of children.

Video series about Ralston House's services -- click to watch here.

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Family Victim Support Advocate

A trained, experienced forensic interviewer/therapist conducts investigative interviews of children suspected of being sexually, physically and/or emotionally abused on behalf of law enforcement. Forensic interviews garner information from a child or teen that either corroborates or refutes allegations of abuse or a witnesses account of a crime.​

A Child Abuse Pediatrician provides complete physical examinations, treatment, evidence collection and referral for treatment for children who are suspected of being sexually or physically abused. Medical clinics are located in Lakewood and Northglenn.  Families can choose to schedule a medical exam at Ralston House

Advocates provide crisis counseling, support, follow-up and referrals for children and families interviewed or receiving a medical exam at Ralston House throughout the investigative and court process.

​Services are designed to meet the unique needs of children who have undergone abuse and trauma. Ralston House conducts rigorous screening of therapists on the referral list and helps families schedule therapy appointments as part of the recovery and healing process.

Additional Support


Educational outreach to civic groups, churches, parents, teachers, daycare providers, other caregivers and youth-serving organizations raises awareness about the dangers of child abuse, recognizing perpetrator behaviors and ways to help keep children safer. Ralston House also provides trainings to law enforcement, social services, district attorneys and other professionals about child sexual abuse, bringing in national trainers, webinars and experts to benefit community safety.

Therapy is a vital piece of the healing process.  The staff and volunteers at Ralston House strongly encourage you and your child to receive professional counseling directly following your visit to Ralston House.  

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