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Ralston House provides a warm atmosphere that is less intimidating than a police department.  

Our child-friendly environment enables children and teens to tell their stories without being re-traumatized in the process.  

Services are available at locations in Arvada, Lakewood and Northglenn for youth through the age of 18.

Accredited by the National Children's Alliance, Ralston House adheres to best practice policies and procedures

to serve the best interest of children.

                                                                   Ralston House Overview

                                                            Don Moseley, Executive Director                    














                            Forensic interview services are provided in both English and Spanish

            Linda, 1st Judicial District Manager                       Susana, Forensic Interviewer (Spanish)













                                                               Lauri, Forensic Interviewer

                                                                    (Human Trafficking)














                              Family/Victim Support Services are provided in both English and Spanish

                Tricia, 17th Judicial District Manager                              Janae, Victim Advocate                         


                                                              Jill, Victim Advocate (Spanish)














                                                   Christian Gardner-Wood, Prosecutor 














                                                    Prevention/Training, Jill, Victim Advocate

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